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Hurricanes and tropical storms are prevalent in Florida. In the aftermath, you’re left with fallen branches, broken limbs, and damaged or fallen trees. Sometimes this fallen debris can be on your home, vehicle, or driveway. Instead of taking out the chainsaw and going at it yourself, it’s best to call a professional tree removal expert. Someone who can dedicate their time and resources to aiding in the removal of broken and fallen trees. Whether there are fallen trees near or around your home, vehicle or place of work, LB Tree Solutions is here to help make it easier.

A category 1 hurricane has the potential to uproot a tree, this depends on the type of tree, variety, age, and root system. But it’s important to be aware that if you have a tree hanging its bough over your home, there’s a potential for liability.

On average, 1-2 hurricanes make landfall on the US eastern coast, and 40% of those will hit the state of Florida.


Storm Cleanup

With our certified arborist on site, you can rest easy.

We will also check the property for trees that pose a liability for your home or business after a storm. Our specialists can either perform a tree removal on this tree or apply corrective tree trimming. This would ensure that your property would have strong, healthy, and appealing plants that won’t be a risk to your home. Our crew is efficient, fast, professional, and trained in tree removal. Placing your trust in a professional tree removal cleanup crew means that you can spend time with your family or on other concerns after a terrible storm hits.

Our goal is provide the best service possible to our customers, taking your wants and needs into account. While also utilizing the educated recommendations of our certified arborist and tree removal experts.


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