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Tree Trimming Services

Over time, branches and tree limbs will grow and alter the shape and overall structure of the tree, which will affect how the tree looks, as well as its potential growth. Tree trimming is a form of pruning, which is trimming a tree, bush or shrub by cutting away overgrown or dead branches, especially if this is done to improve growth. You see, trimming a tree is not just to cut away and clean up the look of your tree, but when done properly, it can encourage the health and growth of your tree. 

Tree trimming is a way of removing specific branches and boughs in order to revitalize the tree. Removing dead and damaged branches can help prevent further decay from organisms and insects. With a thinner canopy, more sunlight can reach parts of the tree, otherwise lacking in sunlight. This can cause fewer diseases among trees and more leaf growth. 

When to Call a Tree Trimming Expert


It's time to call an expert when: 

  • Branches are too close for comfort to your home

  • The tree is too close to power lines

  • Trees have dead, ugly or loose hanging branches

  • Your tree has not been trimmed or pruned in the last 3 years

  • The current look of your landscape just isn't cutting it anymore.

No need it worry! LB Tree Solutions is at your service! Our certified arborist "tree guru" will analyze and provide detailed feedback to help you make the best decision. Our skilled technicians understand the pruning process and can remove limbs and boughs that only clutter your tree and not support it. 

We will determine the process based on: 

  • Location 

  • Tree type 

  • The health of the tree

  • And your individual needs


We offer our tree trimming service for residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you can rely on us for your tree trimming services. 


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